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Discord Commands

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Enigma Forecast 🔮

Use !enigma followed by the stock name to get the forecast for the next 20 to 30 days for a stock. The seasonal graph has red and green bars to further indicate the upcoming momentum. This gives you both the momentum forecast and price forecast. Highly useful for swing and day trades. Uses a combination of machine learning and pattern Recognition algorithms 


Use on the 🤖enigma-ai🤖Channel

Seasonal Algo 🌳🌞🍂❄️

SEASONAL ( !seas ) - Use !seas to get the underlying seasonal patterns hidden in the stock price. Every stock has a unique seasonal pattern and this tool aims to capture that. We tend to go long at a seasonal bottom and go short at a seasonal top. Highly useful for swing positions. Seasonal patterns repeat and we capitalise on that


Use on the 📈trades-analysis📈 Channel

Long Term Forecast

FORECAST (!forecast) - Use !forecast to get the price forecast for the stock for the next 3 to 6 months. It uses a custom machine learning model to model the future stock price using trend, seasonal and volatility forecast components. Useful for Buy and Hold type stock traders


Use on the 📈trades-analysis📈 Channel

Options Flow Bot ( !flow )

!flow tracks the money inflow and outflow for the closest four expiries for options. Useful when judging weekly swing trades in combination with seasonal/enigma forecast. 


Use on the 🤖enigma-ai🤖channel

Predict Bot 🔮🤔

Use !predict to get the probability of a stock having a up or down day. It uses a Markov model and searches for patterns in the historical stock price. If you have stocks in mind, use the !predict command before market open at 9:30 to get the bull/bear for that day. Using it after 9:30 gives you the probability of the next day 


Bull day ( Closing price more then Opening price )


Bear day ( Closing price lower then Opening price )

Use on the 🤖enigma-ai🤖 Channel

Prophet Bot

Prophet scans the 500 stocks of the SP500 and searches for past patterns to identify stocks with the highest probability of making a bear or bull move. It uses a proprietary algorithm to do this. You will see it giving the picks before market open


Bull day ( Closing price more then Opening price )


Bear day ( Closing price lower then Opening price )

Options Entry/Exit Signals

Options Entry/Exit signals are posted on the 🧨options-signals🧨 channel

Options Volume Tracker

!options tracks the options chain and gives the highest trades strikes by volume 

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Suggest Algo

Use !suggest and !stat functions to get statistical information about a stock. It is linked with the !forecast algo and gives the 3 month forecasted price and !stat functions displays the average monthly change for the stock over 10 years 

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