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We bridge the gap between 
Wall Street and Retail Traders


Our algorithms scan millions of data points to identify the seasonal patterns in the stock data to give trading signals. Analyst entry/exit signals sent to you through our private group

80% Accurate

Our fully automated algorithm-based system scans over 11,000 stocks multiple times per second to find the most volatile stocks and alert you to the biggest moves in the market before they occur.

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Entry/Exit Signals

Private group Access



Entry/Exit Signals
Forecast Algo Access
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Private group Access
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Entry/Exit SIgnals
Forecast Algo Access
Suggest Algo Access
Seasonal Algo Access

Private group Access
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Integrated with

Leveraging advanced AI technology, we provide actionable insights derived from data, rather than overwhelming you with random options information such as flow and darkpool

Forecast AI

Elevate your trading strategy with our AI-powered Forecast Algorithm. Ideal for options swing traders and long-term investors, this tool anticipates seasonal highs and lows, revealing patterns beyond the scope of standard technical analysis. Make informed decisions all year round and stay ahead of the curve with the precision of machine learning.

Enigma AI

Trade with confidence using Enigma, your expert in uncovering the elusive day-to-day patterns of the stock market. Our algorithm specializes in analyzing intraday seasonality and market sentiment to deliver precise 20-day price forecasts. Determine the direction of stock movements and optimize your call/put positions effectively. Each morning, Enigma meticulously scans over 500 SP500 stocks, identifying profitable patterns and empowering your trading decisions

Options AI

Gain a tactical advantage with Options Bot, your real-time sentinel in the options market. It meticulously examines the options chain for every stock, pinpointing sudden shifts in net premium flows. Our intuitive summary empowers you to make timely, informed decisions on entering new positions. For optimal trading strategy, employ Options Bot in tandem with Enigma and our Forecast Algos, and stay one step ahead in the options arena.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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Signals Executed this year

Gary-Platinum member

Been trading for 10 years and tried many trading groups. This group is the best of them all.Glad I found it

Rajat Ijbara-Silver member

Adds value to your trading decisions. Very happy I found them. Best day made $10k

Magnus-Gold member

Thank you so much, im truly grateful for joining this group

  • Are the ideas posted daily ?
    Yes the signals are posted on a daily basis and you can except 2-3 daily. Our Algorithm scans the market daily to identify potential opportunities
  • What is Enigma ?
    Enigma is an data analytics tool developed by We Trade. Its main function is to identify short term trends & momentum for profitable opportunities. It does so by analyzing the yearly and monthly seasonal patterns to give a forecast for the next 20 days to 1 year so that users can act on the ideas given
  • How to sign up ?
    Subscribe to a membership of your choice and once you sign up, you will be directed to the strategies and discord page
  • How do we differ from our competitors ?
    While many of our competitors offer vast amounts of market data, especially in the realm of options flow, the sheer volume can often be overwhelming and not directly actionable. Our key differentiator lies in the simplicity and accuracy of our offering. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, we've streamlined the data to provide you with clear, actionable trading signals and forecasts. This not only saves you time but also offers a more reliable foundation for your trading decisions.
  • Im new to trading, is the group beginner friendly ?
    Yes. Our group is designed in such a way to give beginners the best experience possible. If you have any questions in following the signals posted, our analysts will be able to help you along the way

About us

We Trade Alerts was established in 2020 by a team of astute physicists with a passion for the financial markets. Our mission transcends the traditional. We harness the power of advanced AI to provide precise stock forecasts and signals.

Over the years, our innovative approach, rooted in seasonal patterns and Markov models, has enabled us to anticipate stock movements months in advance. This foresight has not only been a testament to our prowess but has also driven profitability for us and our clientele.

In an age inundated with data, we stand by a principle that sets us apart: simplicity. We firmly believe that more information does not necessarily equate to better trading decisions. Our aim is to distill complexity into clear, actionable insights, ensuring our clients can navigate the financial markets with confidence and clarity.

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